thebluepanda (thebluepanda) wrote,

[Update] Koe Koi ep7 (semi release)

Another week without a clean raw. XD

As usual, you can download it here. I will upload them on d-addicts as batch a month later like I did with episode 4-6 and I also have some announcement to make, today.

I will be away for a fangirl journey so I'm going to release episode 8 and 9 as batch two weeks from now. Beware, episode 7's ending is such a cliffhanger. If you can't wait to watch episode 8 in two weeks, don't watch episode 7! I can't speed up the subtitle, I'm not even home when the next episode airs and it means no laptop to work on the subs.

Enjoy and see you in two weeks!
Tags: 2016, koe koi, softsub
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