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Orange Live Action (2015) (English subtitle)

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Since it's been obvious how much I love Ryusei Ryo recently, I made this XD

I know there's English subtitle available out there from like... 2 days after I saw this movie available online (that was fast, as expected for such a long-waited movie) but since I'm still doing this anyway, I'll put my version here. I guarantee there's no stealing or anything from the other subber (you may check the timings cut or anything, I made them from raw) but I need to say that I get some part from reading the manga online so I'm using manga translation as reference 'tho a lot of dialogue were different from manga so of course I can't just copy-paste the manga into this sub lol

I enjoyed this very, very much and I cried the whole subbing process. I love the cast, the plot flow, the way they made one of my favorite manga feels alive with all the beautiful things in it T_T a must watch.

Next, let's wait for Suwa and Hagita reunion in Koe Koi as summer season comes! Yes, of course, I'm interested in subbing that if the japanese subs are available.
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