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Fuji TV drama SP: Chou Gentei Nouryoku (2015) (English subtitle)

Cast: Ryusei Ryo, Taiga, Nagano Mei, Lou Oshiba, Dandy Sakano, Muto Keiji, Konno Mahiru
Synopsis: Akiyama Shuntaro (Ryusei Ryo), a fourth year university student who attends a third-rate university in Tokyo, has had a good upbringing and skillfully overcomes everything with his tact and charm. Because his father is a member of the board of a well-known company, Shuntaro’s employment has somehow or other been determined with those connections and he spends his days aimlessly. Even though he questions his present way of life, he has not taken any constructive action. He just has to get course credits in order to graduate and commutes to university in crowded trains some days. While on the way to school one day, Shuntaro hits his head inside the train and loses consciousness. When he becomes aware of his surroundings, he can see characters showing train station names in commuters’ heads. He soon realises that these are the stations that those commuters are alighting at. (more info)

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Hi, back with another sub! XD

Like I said in Sumika Sumire post, I'm doing this mainly for learning Japanese language the active (?) way so this time I'm trying to sub some SP with Ryusei Ryo as motivation. For info, this SP doesn't have Japanese subtitle that I can use as reference like when I do Sumika Sumire >_<;; so there will definitely some mistakes. Maybe I'm not hearing some part correctly, and maybe I assume a different meaning since without it's kanji, Japanese words can be confusing with their similarities. Feel free to tell me if you found any. Enjoy!
Tags: 2015, chou gentei nouryoku, softsub
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