My Project: (all english sub)
  1. Sumika Sumire (Complete)
  2. Chou Gentei Nouryoku (Complete)
  3. Orange (Complete)
  4. Koe Koi (Complete) - also posted on d-addicts
  5. Litchi Hikari Club (Complete) - private community
  6. Kenja no Ai (Complete) - also posted on d-addicts
  7. Jinroh Game: Beast Side (Complete) - private community
  8. Chanpon Tabetaka (Complete) - also posted on d-addicts

Let's put some new introduction here. I'm from Indonesia, you can call me Maya but it's not my real name :D just another internet-world nickname I made for identity privacy. I will not put any photo of mine for the same reason. I love Japan, have a lot of favorite Japanese actors and singer, and I learn Japanese language. Currently living a fulfilling life in the dream country, Japan, and will start working here. Hoping to be permanently moving to this country!

I got into fansubbing like a couple years ago, need to take a break because life is so busy and I don't want to give false hope. I'm thinking of continue with fansubbing but we'll see. After the work start, I might be have more time since unlike school, I don't have homework to do and subbing Japanese drama will be a good learning experience for me to be able to handle both Japanese and English for the work that I'm doing. Already gave up on sub-thief, so, I don't mind. Just steal whatever, I sub for those who appreciate my work anyway. So, I will always post the drama that I MIGHT be subbing to d-addicts under the same name thebluepanda and if it's a movie, I will post it here in livejournal!

I'm still going crazy for Ryusei Ryo so I will want to work mainly on his project but... expect to see Furukawa Yuki in between lol I just fall even harder for him after Kaze no Iro, can't helped it. He's so amazing in that movie!! T_T

Love Rerun (2018) (English softsub) (1 of ??)

Cast: Nakamura Anne, Furukawa Yuki, Otani Ryohei, Katase Nana, Oomasa Aya

Synopsis: Minami Sayaka is a plain 30-year-old who has had no experience with men as a result of her one-sided love for childhood friend Sagisawa Ryosuke for 15 years. Even so she continues to refuse getting into a romance. Then one morning, when Sayaka wakes up, she sees a male stranger in front of her. She instantly panics but is told by the man who introduces himself as Machida Shohei, that they are dating and live together. It appears that Sayaka has completely no memories of the last three months. Furthermore, she has somehow transformed into a stylish person. Sayaka is shocked to learn that she has already slept with Machida and lost her virginity in this time. What happened in those three months? As Sayaka regains her lost memories, she begins to waver between the “wild, sweet” Sagisawa and “sadistic, normally cold but sometimes hot” Machida.

Subtitle: d-addicts

Back with this! Also, I have one more drama I want to sub and some of you might have a clue what it is lol it already finished airing so I might doing it slow and release all of the sub together once I'm done with it but for this season, I'm picking Love Rerun JUSTBECAUSE of Furukawa Yuki. He has another drama in WOWOW but it will be hard and full of law terms, I can't spend that much time on research.

Anyway, have fun watching!

Ryusei Ryo Fan Event 2017

I went to Ryusei Ryo Fan Event 2017 on June 18th and after more than a week I finally have time to write this report. Since it's been awhile I decided to post it here, on livejournal XD~ it's a long report and full of fangirling, don't mind me.

Collapse )

Litchi Hikari Club Live Action (2016) + Announcement

Cast: Nomura Shuhei, Furukawa Yuki, Mamiya Shotaro, Nakajo Ayami, Ikeda Junya, Matsuda Ryo, Tozuka Junki, Masaki Reiya, Fujiwara Kisetsu, Okayama Amane, Sugita Tomokazu (voice).

Hi, I'm going to share this Litchi Hikari Club softsub together with this announcement. I made a community, here in livejournal, and are going to share my subs there after this. There are a lot of reason why I'm doing so, but all of you who are going through the process of Koe Koi can basically guess the main reason lol another reason is, since this movie is not for everybody and I will also sub Kenja no Ai after this (which I'm not too confident with) I was planning to make it friend locked. But then I read somewhere that we can only have 1000 friends tops in livejournal and there also suggestion that it will be more convenient if I make a community. So, here it is.

Community link:

Litchi Hikari Club subtitle:

Note: I know some people have negative thought towards member only subtitle from a livejournal community but please remember that this is our work and no one is paying us so it's basically our rights to share to whoever, wherever or however we want it.

Don't worry, our community is not hard to join. You can just register to livejournal 5 minutes ago, not having a single post or comment, post introduction in our community, click join, and we will accept you ^^ this community is managed by me and applemon who is going to take an ongoing project this season. Feel free to join (or not, no one is forcing you lol) follow the very simple rules, and enjoy our sub for free.

See you there!

[Update] Koe Koi final episode.

Update for Koe Koi last episode: here

Thank you for those who commented and added me as friend during the whole process, Koe Koi English sub is now complete! \m/ about what I will take on as next project, I will make an announcement later on if I can guarantee that I am capable of finishing it XD

Btw, I saw a lot of people guessing about who is playing Matsubara-kun's body (since we all know the very well-known seiyuu Sakurai Takahiro is behind his voice) and I'm not sure if this is an easy-to-obtain info or not but if you are interested in knowing his face and it won't change your impression or imagination on Matsubara-kun, you can click below. If you think you better of not knowing, don't lol I, myself, am very pleased with his gesture-acting so I'm happy to know who he is <3

[Who is behind the Paperbag-kun?]This is the guy who plays Matsubara-kun's body.

His name is Nagai Kyo (永井 響). He is an actor by Jungle Tokyo Entertainment Management. According to his twitter account, he was born on August 3, 1991 which means he is currently 25 years old. You can check his profile in Jungle Tokyo website and look at his photos on his official instagram. He has several movie releases in 2016 on his profile. He is 182cm height (no wonder he's on par with Ryusei who is 183cm) and was more active as CM models before.

I think I'm going to look out for him from now lol I really love how he potrays Matsubara-kun even without showing his face. He will be a great actor if he got the chance to do more. Imagine how hard it is for him to keep his project a secret the whole season lol

That's all! Thanks again for these past 3 months and let's hope the DoA files will be up for those who wait for it!

See you again in another project ^^/

[Update] Koe Koi ep11

Update for Koe Koi Episode 11: here

I'm amazed myself, it only took a day for this episode. I kinda spent the whole Sunday in front of my laptop, then orz well, one more episode (I heard) after this! What will become of this awkward couple, I can't imagine it lol at least we got two confession in this episode!!

Both ended up with... yeah. Enjoy!

[Update] Koe Koi ep8 & ep9 (semi release)

I'm back! \^^

Like I promised two weeks ago, I'll release episode 8 and episode 9 subs in batch. You can download it in my mediafire folder here or in d-addicts as batch with episode 7. Both is styled and timed by chi-jp hardsub raws from doramax265 like always.

This two episodes was a roller coaster ride lol I lovelovelove how cute Aki-chan and Yu-chan development is 'tho I have to say I'm pretty sad about Aki-chan situation with Yuiko's brother. About Kaichou... T_T

I won't spoil anything, enjoy! XD

[Update] Koe Koi ep7 (semi release)

Another week without a clean raw. XD

As usual, you can download it here. I will upload them on d-addicts as batch a month later like I did with episode 4-6 and I also have some announcement to make, today.

I will be away for a fangirl journey so I'm going to release episode 8 and 9 as batch two weeks from now. Beware, episode 7's ending is such a cliffhanger. If you can't wait to watch episode 8 in two weeks, don't watch episode 7! I can't speed up the subtitle, I'm not even home when the next episode airs and it means no laptop to work on the subs.

Enjoy and see you in two weeks!